Color Analysis

What is Color Analysis
and Why You Should Consider Getting Your Colors Done

We educate you on the colors to wear, when and how to wear them.

what to wear

Have you ever noticed?

You love a piece of clothing on someone else, rush out to buy it for yourself only to find you don’t like it on you?

Perhaps some colors make you look amazing, while others make you look tired or washed out.  There is a reason for this, it all comes down to color theory.

Do you have a presentation to make?

Let’s make sure you have YOUR power color on!  Are you attending a birthday party?  Let’s make sure you don’t outshine the birthday girl (unless it’s you!)

Conducting a Color Analysis

Conducting a Color Analysis is a technique of finding the colors that harmonize with your natural color tones and hues.  Several things go into this:

  • your skin coloring
  • your eye color
  • your hair color.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Your skin has undertones that are considered as well. You may change your hair color over time, but your natural skin tones and undertones do not change.

Why have your color palette created?

colorful clothing stack

When you are wearing your most flattering colors, in both clothing and cosmetics, your complexion is most flattering.

  • Your skin will look clear
  • Your eyes will look bright
  • Your overall appearance will be its most vibrant and in harmony

When your clothes and makeup harmonize with your natural colors, you are the focus, not your clothes or makeup.

That doesn’t mean these things are not getting noticed, it is just that the overall look is cohesive and is noticed, not just one thing over another.

Once you have your palette swatches. . .

shopping is easier

Shopping becomes much easier.

  • You only purchase items that fall within your customized palette
  • Your wardrobe mixes and matches seamlessly

I educate you on how best to use the palette when you are shopping and selecting your wardrobe.

Using your personalized color palette and a little bit of discipline on your part to train your eye will help you dress with confidence!

How do we accomplish all of this?

Assembling fan kit

Your initial appointment is 4 hours.

During the first half we create your palette of 150-200 swatches from over 2000 colors. After a short break, we discuss how to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe.

  • What colors work best for what purpose (everyday, parties, weddings, etc.).
  • We talk about textures and fabrics and how to best incorporate them with your body style to enhance what mother nature gave you.
  • We will also talk about the best hairstyles and eyeglasses for your body type. You’ll also learn about makeup.

Color Analysis (In Person Only)

$ 400

Includes completed fan mailed to you within 1 week.

Color Re-Do (Complete)

$ 400

Includes completed fan mailed to you within 1 week.

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